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GGFR’s collaboration with the government of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra (KMAO) stretches back a decade. In 2004 a meeting was organized by KMAO to discuss regulatory and legal governance of its associated gas utilization with expert representatives of the government of Alberta (Canada). Two years later, KMAO joined the GGFR partnership and the collaboration continues today in the form of programs to identify and employ the best technical and regulatory strategies for associated gas utilization.

Over the years, associated gas utilization in KMAO has increased from about 80% to 93% - a significant achievement by any measure, and the reason why GGFR and the World Bank gave KMAO a Government Award at its 2012 Global Forum in London.

So it is with this backdrop that GGFR is pleased to join forces once again with the government of KMAO to host its fourth Global Forum with a focus on solutions to end routine gas flaring.  

GGFR’s 2015 Global Forum will convene with representatives of governments and state-owned oil companies from Europe and central Asia, as well as representatives of international oil and gas companies, technology providers, and international financial institutions.


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